The e-mail exchanges with Mari !

This page includes all the e-mails exchanged
between the auther and his christian friend Mari !

 The reason why the auther decided to load all the past record up is that Mari's e-mails have always made him be very happy and be grateful to the God that the God has given him such a nice friend as Mari !

 The e-mail exchanges started on the very day when the auther met Mari for the first time at his church.

 If readers are interested in knowing how the auther and Mari happened to know each other on that day, they can check the diary of Nov. 28, 1999 at

" The diary of Plateau" (「高原日記」) of this Home page by .... 

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Note :
E-mails in black characters indicate e-mails sent to Mari from the auther.
E-mails in dark green characters indicate e-mails sent to the auther from his friend Mari.

All e-mails are included in the e-mail groups listed down below !



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E-mails (1999-11-28 to 1999-12-26 )

E-mails (2000-01-01 to 2000-04-17 )

E-mails (2001-09-02 to 2001-**-**)