The e-mail exchanges with Mari !

( 2001-09-04 to 2001-XX-XX )



Note :
E-mails in black characters indicate e-mails sent to Mari from the auther.
E-mails in dark green characters indicate e-mails sent to the auther from his friend Mari.



Dear Mari :
I attended the "Overnight church member forum of Christianity" held at Kobuchizawa starting on the evening of Aug. 19, this year.

On that evening, I learned from Mr. Koguchi of the church that you have been engaged, which I must tell you made me very happy.
I am very sure, Mari, that you will live a very nice life, because you are so thoughtful in everything.

By the way................Mr. Koguchi also advised me that you will
leave for Canada for studying 死生学, of which I have abusolutely no idea. More than that, I have to confess that this was the first time for me to hear the word ever since I was born.
I would appreciate it very much, if you would let me know the content and the goal of 死生学 when you have time.

I am not sure at all when you are leaving for Canada and if you can communicate with people by E-mail, but if possible I would like to continue the E-mail communication again with you in Canada, which I am very sure will be very exciting !
(I withdrew the past record of our E-mail communication from my Web site, simply because no E-mail has been exchanged for a long time..................)

During the past one year, surplisingly so many things have happened around me !
And now I work as marriage cordinator of the local
town..............could you believe that I am for it ?

By the way, I have been writing my own thinking way about 「色即是空」in my web site.
Now I have to tell you that I am much more attracted by this simple and clear thought of Buddha rather than Christianity originated in Jesus.

Concerning the above, one young lady has been enthusiastically reading my writing. I do not know her real name nor her age.........
However I can feel her real feeling towards my thought through her writning in 掲示板「天までとどけ」.
I have to say that I should be responsible for my writing,
because...........only person though, somebody has been reading my wrinting eagerly.

Dear Mari, I think I have written so many things in this mail again but I do hope that I can hear from you again.

Hoping that you have not left Japan yet and that this mail will be read by you before your leaving...............

Best regauds

Seikoh Yatake

2001-09-04 11:18

Hi, Yatake-san! It's good to hear from you!
I am writing this mail from London, Canada. You must be surprised to
know that there is a city called London in Canada, but anyhow, this
is the city where I am living. I have been in London for about 10 days,
and within these days, I did everything to start my new life. Finding
a place to live in, opening the account of a bank, installing a telephone...
And anyway, now I have settled, and can write you an e-mail.

Yes, I am engaged with Haruaki! We had engagement ceremony( I don't
know how to say "Konyaku-shiki" in English) at the church which I
belong to. It was really wonderful time. We promised to get married
in the near future in front of people and God. As I came here alone,
I miss Haruaki very much, but it is my great pleasre to have a man
I love and will love for a long long time. He will visit me in November,
and might come to be with me form next April by getting a Working
Holiday Visa.

I am going to study "Thanatology(死生学)" at the college. I study this
field because I want to deepen my understanding of "life and death" before
becoming a teacher. And hopefully, I would like to help people who lost
their beloved family or are facing their own end, and are in need of care.
And above all, I want to tell my future students the importance of life and
dignity of life. I cannot explain it very well now, but I would be happy to
share what I've learned at the class with you. My class starts from next

Well, Yatake-san, I will inform you of my address and telephone number.
If you have a chance to visit Canada, remember Mari is in London to
welcome you!

Apt ***** ****** ***** Canada





2001-09-10 0:18

Dear Mari :
Thank you for your mail and I was so happy that I would be able to resume our communication once again as we did in the past.
In your last mail you told me that your study would begin ON MONDAY NEXT.
A little while ago, immediately I recalled that today is MONDAY NEXT..........this is why I decided to write to you like this.

How was the first class you were in ?
It must have been exciting...............
Did you find friends already ?
I am very sure you will find nice friends any time from now, 'cause you have so fine character........!!

Would you please inform me of your first impression of the new colledge life ?
And would you please allow me to share the pleasre with me ?
But please remember............"The study first !" You have only to communicate with me, only when you can find spare time..................REMEMBER !!!!!!!!!

Wooooooops..........Tuesday started a few minutes ago.
But still it's Monday in Canada !

Hoping this mail will find you fine and very charming as usual.............

From the othe side of the earth...........

Best regards

Seikoh Yatake

2001-09-18 13:07

Dear Yatake-san,

It has been almost a week since the tragedy of NY. It is a great concern here in London.
I don't know what to say thinking about the feeling of the families of the victims and the
injureds...and I am concerned about the war which American army going to trigger off.
20th century should have taught us that war leaves us nothing but tragic emptiness,
but we are going to repeat the same thing again...

I am doing all right. Study is hard, and time flies like an arrow, but I am having a good
time here. Besides, I found several friends to talk to.

Well, Yatake-san, I am sleepy. So long for now.. I hope you are fine.
Good night. I will sleep tight......Zzzzz